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What Do You Pay In Gas Taxes?
Tank the Gas Tax

Tank The Gas Tax!

As gas prices rise, politicians and their willing accomplices in the main stream media are falling all over themselves to look like they’re concerned with the plight of ordinary Americans. They’re angrily denouncing “Big Oil” for excess profits, price gouging and monopolistic behavior.

But they’re ignoring the biggest price gouger of all: Big Government.

Despite all of the talk about its excess profits, Exxon makes just nine cents a gallon on its sales.

The Federal government, on the other hand, collects 18.4 cents a gallon — twice what Exxon makes.

The states also take more than their share. Michigan, for example, adds 19 cents per gallon, plus six percent in sales taxes. On a single three dollar gallon of gas, that takes the total in Michigan to 39.2 cents — more than four times Exxon’s supposedly excess profits.

California adds 18 cents, plus a 6 percent sales tax and 1.2 cents per gallon UST fees. New York adds 31 cents, plus tax. Under Florida’s convoluted gas tax system, consumers pay as much as 52 cents per gallon in taxes. Outrageous!

If the politicians in Washington and the fifty state houses want to make a difference to middle and low income consumers, they should repeal the gas taxes immediately.

But they’re not going to do it unless they are forced to it by their constitents. Politicians are too addicted to spending taxpayers’ money on their wasteful, pork barrel projects.


State State Gas Tax In Cents Per Gallon State Diesel Tax in Cents Per Gallon Notes On Additional Tax Burdens
Alabama 18 19 Cities and Counties can impose an additional 5cpg, so the total may vary. An additional 1 cent per gallon UST/AST Trust Fund Environmental Transport Fee is levied at the wholesale level
Alaska 8 8 A tax on marine fuel is 5 cents per gallon; aviation gas is 4.7 cents
Arizona 18 18 There is an additional 1 cent per gallon UST tax. Use class vehicles pay an additional 8 cents per gallon.
Arkansas 21.5 22.5 An additional .2 cents per gallon environmentalassurance fee is assessed for underground storage tank fund. Its interesting that the home state of Bill Clinton, friend of the common man has one of the highest gasoline tax burdens in the country, severely impacting low and middle income families.
California 18 18 Plus, a 6 percent state sales tax, a 1.25 percent county tax and additional local sales taxes. There also is a 1.2 cents per gallon state UST fee. Truly an oppressive burden.

Colorado 22 20.5 At least they don’t tack sales tax on top of that madness.
Connecticut 25 26 There is an additional 5 percent gross earnings tax at the wholesale level.
Delaware 23 22
D.C. 20 20
Florida 14.5 27.2 Just to confuse things, Florida has a variable tax rate. The statewide tax is 14.5 cents, which represents 10.5 cents per gallon sales tax, plus a 4 cents per gallon excise tax. The rates change annually based on the consumer price index. (This is designed so that the average consumer never, ever gets ahead.) This rate also does not include the additional minimum 9.9 to 17.8 cents per gallon in local taxes (average of 14.6 cents). There is also an additional 2.2 cents per gallon tax for environmental inspection, a .125 cents per gallon for weights and measures inspection fees, and 87 cents per barrel for various environmental interests. If you live in Florida, your overall tax is can be as high as 52.98 cents per gallon.
Georgia 7.5 7.5 There is also an additional 4 percent sales tax on the total.
Hawaii 16 16 Plus an additional 4 percent state sales tax, various county taxes and a .12 cents per gallon environmental response tax.
Idaho 25 25
Illinois 19 21.5 Add to this a 6.25 percent sales tax, a .3% tax for the underground storage tank fund, plus various local sales and gasoline taxes. Illinois has one of the most oppressive burdens in the country. Don’t be poor or middle income in Illinois.
Indiana 18 16 Indiana also adds a 6 percent sales tax and a .008 per gallon inspection fee. Diesel also has an 11 cents per gallon surcharge, which is paid quarterly on a self-reporting basis (who would do this honestly?)
Iowa 20 22.5 In addition, Iowa adds a 1 cent per gallon UST fee. The tax on ethanol-blended gasoline is 19 cents per gallon (not much of an incentive there).
Kansas 24 26 There’s also an additional 1 cent per gallon environmental fee.
Kentucky 15 12 The tax here is actually variable based on 9% of the average wholesale price of gasoline with a minimum of 10 cents per gallon. So at these prices, the state of Kentucky is gouging its citizens. But that’s not enough for Kentucky’s tax happy legislators. There’s also a 5 cents per gallon supplemental highway user tax, and a 1.4 cents per gallon underground storage tax fee.
Louisiana 20 20
Maine 25.2 26.3 In addition, Maine levies an 0.7 cents per gallon tax for the Coastal and Inland and Water fund, 1.38 cents for the Groundwater Fund, and 40 cents per gallon/10,000 gallons for Petroleum Market Share Act Plus for Diesel. Worse, Maine indexes its gasoline tax, so it goes up on a regular basis without the taxpayers having a chance to react.
Maryland 23.5 24.25
Massachusetts 23.5 23.5 Add to this a 2.5 cents per gallon Underground Storage Tank fund tax.
Michigan 19 15 Plus an additional 6% sales tax.
Minnesota 20 20 There’s also an additional 2 cents per gallon Underground Storage Tank cleanup fee at the wholesale level (that’s so consumers never realize how much is being taken in taxes).
Mississippi 18 18 An Environmental Protection Fee adds an additional 0.4 cents per gallon. Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties add an additional 3 cents per gallon to support their seawalls.
Missouri 17 17
Montana 27.75 28.5
Nebraska 25.4 25.4 Nebraska is another state with a tricky variable tax. The tax has a base of 12.5 cents, plus a variable rate which was 12.9 cents at last check.
Nevada 23 27 Counties can also impose up to an additional 10 cents per gallon tax.
New Hampshire 18 18 Add to this an additional .1 cents per gallon for oil pollution control, 1.5 cents per gallon for the Underground Storage Tank fund, 1 cent per gallon for AST and bulk storage fund.
New Jersey 14.5 17.5
New Mexico 17 18 Plus an additional 1 cent per gallon “loading fee”
New York 31.9 28.9 County sales taxes can add an additional 7.9 cents per gallon from sales taxes. New Yorkers should be up in arms over these confiscatory taxes.
North Carolina 26.6 26.6 North Carolina has a flat 17.5 cents per gallon flat rate, plus a variable rate based on 7% of the average wholesale price. There also is a 0.25 cents per gallon inspection tax. At those rates, North Carolina’s legislature is raking it in at a rate far higher than Exxon could ever dream.
North Dakota 21 21
Ohio 26 26 What’s with these Midwest states and their high tax burdens?
Oklahoma 16 13 There is also an additional 1 cent per gallon underground storage tank fee.
Oregon 24 24
Pennsylvania 31.1 35.1 Thirty five cents a gallon ought to be enough, but Pennsylvania also adds a 1.1 cent per gallon fee on gasoline going into underground storage tanks.
Rhode Island 30 30 There also is a 1 cent per gallon environmental protection regulatory fee.
South Carolina 16 16 Add to this a .25 cents per gallon inspection fee and a .5 cents per gallon environmental fee.
South Dakota 22 22 There is an additional 2 cents per gallon throughput tax on distributors. The tax is no doubt passed on to consumers by those same distributors, so it is a hidden tax on consumers
Tennessee 20 18 Add to this a 1 cent per gallon “special petroleum tax” and a .4 cents per gallon environmental assurance fee.
Texas 20 20
Utah 24.5 24.5
Vermont 20 26
Virginia 17.5 16 There also is a 0.6 cents per gallon petroleum storage tank fee and a 2 percent sales tax for localities in the Northern Virginia Transportation District
Washington 28 28
West Virginia 20.5 20.5 Add to this a 5 percent variable wholesale tax based on the statewide average. West Virginia’s government coffers no doubt are overflowing at present gas prices.
Wisconsin 32.1 32.1 Worse, this is a variable rate which is calculated by multiplying the current rate by an inflation index. So the tax keeps going up with no input from the taxpayers.
Wyoming 14 14

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